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The days of having to wait a year, two years, or even more for a straighter smile are long gone. New orthodontic technology known as Fastbraces provides dental patients all with a safe, fast, and affordable way to improve their smile. Link Dental offers Fastbraces as a treatment option for patients who want a more radiant, dazzling smile.

Think that Fastbraces might help you get that smile you have always dreamed about but want to know more? We will take a closer look at Fastbraces and answer some of the most frequently asked questions about this new orthodontic technology.

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How Do Fastbraces Work?

The basic concept of Fastbraces is similar to traditional braces – shift and move your teeth into a better alignment. However, unlike traditional braces where you have an entire set of brackets placed on the teeth, wires threaded throughout your mouth, and rubber bands placed on the sides, Fastbraces uses a simplified system.

With Fastbraces, specially created triangular brackets are placed onto the teeth. The triangular bracket is attached to a square-like wire that reaches down to the root of your teeth. It is this square-like wire that makes the system different from traditional braces.

When teeth are moved and shifted with traditional braces it is typically done in two steps. First, the top portions of the teeth are moved and then the roots of the teeth are moved. This is why it takes so long. With Fastbraces the entire two-step process is turned into a single process. Instead of moving the tooth in two separate steps, Fastbraces moves both the top/crown and the root of the tooth. Moving the whole tooth allows dentists and orthodontists to speed up treatment time and get you a straighter smile without having to wait years.

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