Dental Implants

Missing teeth can make it difficult to enjoy simple pleasures like eating and speaking. Dental implants can restore your smile, allowing you to eat the foods you love and speak confidently again.

Whether you're missing one tooth or all your teeth, Drs. Mark Link and Jean Link in Centennial, CO, can help patients smile again.

What Are Dental Implants?

Implants are prosthetic tooth roots made of durable titanium that support restorations to replace your missing natural teeth. But implants do more than just restore your smile. When you are missing teeth, your jawbone loses the stimulation the tooth roots once provided, and can begin to deteriorate. Dental implants are the only restorative dentistry treatment that can stimilate the jawbone to stop and prevent bone atrophy after teeth are lost.

The True Value of Implants

"Essentially, the goal is to have a tooth replacement that no one knows is a tooth replacement." Dr. Mark Link

Dental Implants Make It Possible To Have a Complete Smile

Thanks to advances in dentistry, you can have a stable, stunning smile again. And, because dental implants can last decades — or even a lifetime — this investment is well worth it. Not to mention, dental implants have health benefits, unlike traditional options such as dentures.

What Types of Restorations Do Implants Support?

Depending on your level of tooth loss,
dental implants can support a variety of restorations.

dental crown

Dental Crowns

For patients missing a single tooth, we can pair a dental crown with a dental implant to fill in the gap and restore your smile.

dental bridge

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges and implants are a great option for patients who are missing a few consecutive teeth. 



If you are missing most or all of your teeth, dental implants and dentures can restore one or both dental arches.

See a Dental Implant Transformation Made Possible By Our Team

This Centennial, CO, patient suffered from loose teeth, which made eating difficult.
before implants
Before Implants
after implants
After Implants
After our dentist replaced her loose teeth with dental implants supporting custom restorations, she could eat and speak confidently again.

You Don't Have to Live
With Tooth Loss
Call Us to Get Started

Tooth loss is common, but that doesn't mean you have to suffer with reduced oral function. Our Denver-area dentists, Mark Link and Jean Link, have been in practice since 1988, and they strive to make a difference in people's lives by transforming the health, function, and appearance of their smiles. Implants are an essential part of that mission.

If you have been living with tooth loss and want to find out if you are a candidate for dental implants, contact us or call our dental practice in Centennial, CO, to request a consultation with our skilled dentists. 

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I've been to several dentists around the south denver area. By far the best dentists I've seen. Highly recommend.

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Mitch Hordinski

July 17, 2023

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Link Dental is the best, i’m always comfortable and treated extremely well. The dental care has been the best I’ve ever received

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Sedation Tailored to Your Needs Thanks to Our Team's Specialized Training

Though we use local anesthetic to keep our patients from feeling any discomfort, you may still be concerned about anxiety. Thankfully, that's not a problem at Link Dental

Advanced Training

Our dentists' skill and training in the field of sedation set them apart from other Centennial, CO, professionals. Dr. Mark Link is licensed in moderate sedation, while Dr. Jean Link is licensed in light sedation.

Multiple Options

Our team features three different options — nitrous oxide, oral conscious sedation, and IV sedation — so that you can finally find the smile you've been wanting. Whether you need just a little help relaxing or you'd prefer not to remember a thing, we offer the right level of sedation for your needs. 

Dr. Mark Link with patient under sedation

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We Want to Help You

Have you already talked to another Centennial dentist, only to be unimpressed by their options? We invite you to explore the possibilities at Link Dental. Contact our friendly team any time to request your free second opinion.

Take It From a Real Implant Patient Centennial, CO, Appreciates Link Dental

"Dr. Jean and Dr. Mark are top notch. Whether you're looking for a cleaning or detailed surgery for implants this place is worth checking out courteous and friendly staff everyone’s very knowledgeable highly recommend

Had to have dental implant surgery due to work accident. Very pleased with the staff and with doc mark. If you need any type of work done I would give a call to link dental and see about a sit down to discuss your needs. Thanks again link team in my opinion the best I’ve ever seen."
Cliff Mercer

Am I a Candidate for Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a landmark dentistry treatment to address tooth loss, but not everyone is a candidate. You may be a candidate if:

You are in otherwise good oral health

If you suffer from issues such as tooth decay, tooth damage, or gum disease, this must be addressed before you can undergo implant placement. This is to ensure a healthy foundation for your implants and restorations. 

You have sufficient bone tissue

You must have sufficient jawbone tissue for dental implant placement. To receive traditional implants, those with extensive bone loss will first need bone grafting to ensure there is sufficient bone to support the implants. Options like All-on-4® (an entire denture on the upper or lower arch placed on four specially-designed implants) can allow certain patients to receive implants without a preliminary bone graft.

You are in good overall health

Our dentists will examine your health records to determine if implant placement is safe. If you have diabetes, for example, the condition must be under control in order to safely undergo the procedure.

Suffering From Existing Bone Loss? We Can Help

If you've been told you do not qualify for traditional dental implants due to bone loss, our dentists offer the All-on-4® and All-on-6 implant techniques. This method uses four to six strategically placed implants to maximize the existing bone material. If your bone loss is extensive, our dentists also perform bone grafting and sinus lifts to help you qualify for the amazing benefits dental implants provide. 

We are proud to offer free second opinion consults to help you make the best decision for your oral health. 

dental implants all on 4

Dental Implant Treatment

Placing traditional dental implants involves these fundamental steps:

"If having teeth for a lifetime means you have to take, say, 3-6 months to get there, it's certainly worth that investment of time." Dr. Mark Link
"If having teeth for a lifetime means you have to take, say, 3-6 months to get there, it's certainly worth that investment of time." Dr. Mark Link


You will first have a consultation with one of our dentists. During this appointment, they will examine your mouth and discuss your oral and overall health history. Be sure to inform your dentist about any health conditions or medications you are taking. 

Preparatory Treatment

If you need preparatory treatment such as periodontal care, bone grafting, or tooth extraction, this will be done first. Once you are healed, your implants can be placed.

Socket Shield Technique

For patients who still have their tooth or tooth roots, we can bolster their results using a socket shield technique. Basically, we will keep a modest portion of your tooth's root in place. This allows for improved bone health.

Implant Placement

Your dentist will first numb the area. Our Centennial dental practice also offers sedation options to ensure you are comfortable during treatment. Your dentist will then make a small incision in the gum tissue and insert the implants. 


You will be given time to heal. Over the course of three to six months, the titanium implants will fuse to the jawbone in a process called osseointegration.

Abutment Placement

Once you are healed, your dentist will attach abutments to the implants. The abutments connect your denture, crown, or bridge to the implants.


After the abutment is placed, your dentist will take impressions of your mouth in order to craft your custom restoration. Once your restoration is completed, your dentist will secure it to the implant.

Have questions about the implant process? 

Our Number One Goal Is Making You Feel Comfortable


Laura Bryan


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My mother and I have been patients at Link Dental for over a year now and it is absolutely fantastic! Dr. Mark is incredible and extraordinarily kind, always ensuring that all questions are answered...The entire team is truly a joy to be around. My mother and I moved back home to South Dakota but still continue to return to Denver for our dental work to be done at Link Dental as we love their care.

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Dr. Jean Link is an amazing dentist! She has done fantastic work for me over the years and is the best dental provider I have ever had. Her dentistry skill is only matched by her compassionate manner. She cares about the patient as a whole, and does great work...This is a great practice, and I highly recommend to anyone!

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Worried About the Cost of Implants?

While most dental insurance plans do not cover the cost of dental implants or abutments, they often cover other costs associated with your implant treatment, such as your restoration or preparatory treatments to restore gum health. 

We do not want financial barriers to prevent patients from experiencing the amazing benefits of implants. To help make dental implant treatment more accessible and affordable, our Centennial dental practice accepts financing to break the cost of your treatment into affordable monthly payments.

Drs. Mark Link, Tom Reed, and Jean Link

Link Dental

Drs. Mark and Jean Link have proudly provided family dental care to the Denver area since 2005. Our dentists are members of:

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  • The Colorado Dental Association (CDA)
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  • The American Academy of Facial Esthetics (AAFE)

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