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Link Dental patient Erin spent her life dealing with dentinogenesis imperfecta, a condition that affects the development of dentin. This leads to teeth that appear discolored and are more prone to breakage. Erin came to our Denver, CO, team to explore what veneers could do for her smile. She says the custom restorations she received from Dr. Mark have improved virtually every aspect of her life.

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1 00:00:06.729 --> 00:00:12.643 I always had interest in getting veneers because I have dentinogenesis imperfecta. 2 00:00:14.229 --> 00:00:17.886 It was just really personable and nice the second I walked in. 3 00:00:18.129 --> 00:00:21.743 Mark greeted me with a smile, so it was really welcoming and warming. 4 00:00:22.240 --> 00:00:26.743 He used humor to talk to me and we related about riding bikes. 5 00:00:27.371 --> 00:00:30.085 We found that out, I think, within the first appointment 6 00:00:30.086 --> 00:00:31.771 that we both mountain bike. 7 00:00:32.557 --> 00:00:34.671 It was really cool to share that with someone. 8 00:00:34.890 --> 00:00:40.780 Getting these veneers has impacted pretty much every part of my life. 9 00:00:40.810 --> 00:00:42.486 I love this office. 10 00:00:43.686 --> 00:00:48.080 Everyone is so nice and welcoming. I'm always joking with them. 11 00:00:48.110 --> 00:00:49.420 It's very personal. 12 00:00:49.450 --> 00:00:52.420 Everyone cares so deeply here, and you can tell. 13 00:00:52.421 --> 00:00:56.571 To Dr. Mark and his team, you guys really have changed my life, 14 00:00:56.572 --> 00:01:02.386 and you've made me feel like myself, and you've grown my confidence. 15 00:01:03.786 --> 00:01:07.371 I couldn't thank you guys enough. You've changed my whole world.

Drs. Mark Link, Tom Reed, and Jean Link

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