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Ted was dealing with worn teeth and old fillings that no longer fit properly so he decided to visit Dr. Jean Link at our Denver-area office. He says the dental crowns process was easy and virtually painless despite needing extensive care. Ted now regularly gets compliments on his newly upgraded smile.

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1 00:00:06.771 --> 00:00:11.314 The reason I came to Jean was I was looking for dentists 2 00:00:11.315 --> 00:00:13.571 that could fix my teeth. 3 00:00:13.572 --> 00:00:16.213 They had just broken up, 4 00:00:16.214 --> 00:00:19.742 and fillings had fallen out, and I had to get crowns. 5 00:00:19.743 --> 00:00:22.686 But I get compliments on the way my teeth look, 6 00:00:22.687 --> 00:00:28.549 and it was just easy and almost painless, really, 7 00:00:28.550 --> 00:00:31.343 the work that was done. It was pretty extensive. 8 00:00:31.529 --> 00:00:35.329 They make you feel very comfortable with what they do know. 9 00:00:35.330 --> 00:00:38.715 If they don't know, they'll find out for you quickly. 10 00:00:39.186 --> 00:00:42.292 What I would say to the people that work here 11 00:00:42.293 --> 00:00:44.457 is how comfortable they made me feel 12 00:00:44.458 --> 00:00:50.269 because having work done on your teeth is not the most comfortable situation, 13 00:00:50.270 --> 00:00:54.000 but they did a great job and make me feel comfortable. 14 00:00:54.700 --> 00:00:59.157 I can't say it wasn't painless, but it was damn near painless.

Drs. Mark Link, Tom Reed, and Jean Link

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